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Filmmaker Help Files

BELOW are links to our help files and other resources for filmmakers

If you haven't handled turning over end roller credits before, we can help! We can provide you with an easy to use template to make sure your credits are entered efficiently and accurately. 

Read more: Preparing Your Credits

What we need to get started on your project:

At the very least, we need the following pre-turnover items so we can begin developing the workflow.

Read more: VFX & Titles Turnover

The best way to convey the story and director's vision through visual effects begins with good pre-shoot planning. Very often we can find substantial cost savings and/or improved VFX quality with minor adjustments to the planned image acquisition. The right combination of practical and digital effects work can save money and lead to better final results - and the time to determine this is well before shooting.

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Helpful Files for General Titles™ Clients

Read more: VFX Downloads

QUESTION: I'm choosing to use sRGB IEC61966-2.1 as my working color profile in AE. When I select this profile, the AE project colors immediately appears a little washed out. I add an adjustment layer to the final project and adjust the contrast, brightness and a couple of other color teaks to make it look the way I want in After Effects. Then I render it  and the resultant video looks completely wrong, with around 15% more contrast, and over-saturated.

Sometimes I think AE color management should be renamed "Color MANGLEment". LOL. The problem you’re describing relates specifically to either GAMMA or BLACK/WHITE levels, and also potentially your viewing environment in AE.

Read more: Working vs Output Colorspace

What's the difference between Rec. 709 Gamma 2.4 and HDTV (Rec. 709) in AE? Which one should I use for advanced VFX when working in linear color space?

You can use any of those or even sRGB in a linearized workspace, as the gamma in the profile is not used, only the color coordinates of the primaries and white point.

When you are working in LINEARIZED space, your gamma is 1.0

Read more: Rec709 Profile

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