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Green/Blue/Black Screen

In a recent help session, we were presented with a poorly lit and uneven green screen with tracking markers. Here is an analysis of the issues we encountered.

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QUESTION: I’m doing a spoof of the Wizard of Oz, the scene in which the Wicked Witch sends off her flying monkeys. This will be done completely on (green/blue/magenta?) screen and the environment composited in post. The Witch's face is green, and the monkey's faces are blue and there is red on their suits. I need to figure out what color screen I should use.

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QUESTION: I need to take footage of a subject against a pitch black background and create a luma matte from this. If I mess with the levels, I will always end up with a thin black line around whatever I am transferring into the finished matte. 

To answer the question you asked, use a matte choker, such as "Simple Choker", plus blur, and if needed, masks. Mocha can be very helpful here.

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QUESTION: I really just wanted the red sweater and the picture frames to stand out, which is why I kept it so underexposed. I should have just done the underexposing in post. I tried using the Color Key plugin, but it's not working.

When you are capturing images that will require later work such as compositing, you want to capture with an eye toward maintaining detail, and minimizing noise.

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QUESTION: I’m trying to achieve an effect similar to the recent Green Lantern movie, where the actor would be wearing a chroma key suit and I would then key it out and track the effect to it. Could a regular chroma key suit work? Would I need to place tracking markers of some sort on it?

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