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QUESTION: I have tried converting the movie but have I still get the frame skip every second...i cant seem to get the imagery converted to 24 fps correctly.

I've used AE to covert feature films shot at 25 fps to 24 with no problems.

History: back in the days before inexpensive 24P cameras, independent filmmakers would shoot in PAL DV, and then convert that 25 to 24 fps, and this would result in a *very* film-like look. In fact, the very first version of "Magic Bullet" was targeted at this specific task.

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QUESTION: When I play the two outputs side by side the 24fps is noticeably less smooth than the 30. 

This is probably related to your computer's monitor refresh rate. 

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QUESTION: 4k 3840x2160 is only 2x more than 1080p, so it is really 2k?

Well first, the "4K" or "2K" refers to the horizontal resolution, not the vertical resolution. 

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